Deuce by Uncommon Parlance

Tennis or poker aficionados may not be impressed to find the word deuce on uncommon parlance. However, the word justifies it’s inclusion with a huge number of meanings.
Deuce can refer to the number two, or two of anything, eg. two pounds, dollars, or even euro.
In card games it refers to a card with two spots, one of four in a standard deck of playing cards.
In dice it refers to a side of a die with two spots, or a cast of dice totaling two.
In tennis, it’s tied score, where one player must score two additional points to win.
In the restaurant business, it’s a table for two.
A Deuce Coupe is a slang term for a 1932 Ford Coupe, a car beloved of hot rodders.
In baseball, it’s a curveball.
In the field of animal husbandry, it’s shearing two hundred sheep in one day.
It means “Peace” when used in tandem with the V-sign (the good one).
It’s an exclamation invoking the devil; eg. “What the Deuce!”
Finally, it has a delightfully scatological meaning: to defecate. Etymology: from French deux (two), from Old French deus, from Latin duo.

“His neck and arms were blackened by the sun. He was lathered in sweat. After shearing his two hundredth sheep, Bruce craved two things: a deuce and a Vic Bitter.”

The word deuce was suggested to Uncommon Parlance by Ben Locker, copywriter extraordinaire and a veritable prince of persiflage.

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