Mordacious by Uncommon Parlance

Owner of a vicious pet, or feral baby? Harassed by a bilious critic with a penchant for vituperation? Then you, dear reader, might have recourse to use the word Mordacious. Mordacious means given to biting and can also be used metaphorically to refer to caustic or viciously sarcastic comment. Etymology: from Latin, mordax (given to biting, corrosive).

“Mister Peet surveyed the wreckage of the drawing room. Feathers and stuffing fell soft like snow. An overturned desk spilled its contents onto the floor. Table legs wore tooth-marks, chairs had been chewed and the teak card table had been gnawed and slobbered beyond repair. The new hounds, Rex and Absalom were clearly unruly and mordacious beasts.”

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